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The Is Janas Stalactite Cave

Dozens of geological formations, some of them 26 Million years old, have shaped the Is Janas stalactite cave.

The cavern is built of 6 chambers, 5 of them can be entered. With the time concretions have created particular shapes, which have inspired the population's fantasy: That's why the legend of the three fairies (in Sardinian language: Janas) was born.

According to this legend the cavern was inhabited by three creatures, being half fairies and half bitches. They weren't very convivial. Most of their time they spent with cooking and eating. One day in the period of fasting a priest came along an smelled the flavour of the pastry they were preparing. Upset, that somebody did not respect the rules of fastening he went into the cave. Thereupon the fairies stroke him dead. God's wrath let freeze them to stone.

The cavern system is about 250 meters long. In its interior there's a steady humidity of 98 % and a constant temperature of 14 degrees the whole year.

the Is Janas Cave
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